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Property Library

A complete property library allows you to easily manage your mid-term inspections in one place.

Property Management
Build a complete library of all the properties you manage in one conveinient place.
Individual Property Profiles & Inspection History
Each property has its own profile. Making it quick and easy to view the entire inspection history of the property. Here you can also access past reports and see who and when an inspection took place.
Template Assignment
Assign each property a specific template to ensure the right one is used for every single inspection.
Property Profile Picture
Keep an updated view of the property by uploading a “Front of property” image. This image will be used on the front page of any reports generated for that property.

Template Library & Builder

Create custom templates specific to your inspection needs.

Template Library
Store and organise an unlmited library of inspection templates.
Template Builder
An intutive template builder allows you to create custom inspection templates suitable for any property you need to inspect.
Free Text Answers
The free text option gives you the freedom to document as much detail as you need to during the inspection.
Multiple Choice Answers
Define multiple choice questions & customise the options you can choose between when carrying out an inspection.
Easy To Use Drag & Drop Layout
Simply organise your template by dragging and dropping questions where you want them to appear in the report.
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Completing Inspections

Carry out inspections on the go or report your findings back in the office.

Load Previous Inspection Data
Auto fill new inspections with the previous inspection results. This allows for a direct comparison to the previous inspection. This feature also saves you time by not having to re-enter points that have not changed.
Upload Photographs As You Go
Every question has the option to upload a corrosponding photograph to support your findings.
Attention Required
Use the attention required check box to automatically highlight this point at the very top of your generated report.
Digital Signing & Signature Upload
Your tenant can sign the inspection digitally at the end of your inspection, or a photo upload of the tenant signature can be added at a later date.

Packed With Time Saving Functions

Take the bite out of mid-term inspections

  • Team Management
  • Unlimited Users
  • Dashboard Overview
  • PDF Reports
  • Email Report Links
  • Property Library
  • Property History
  • Template Builder
  • Custom Templates
  • Attention Required Option
  • Digital Signing
  • Photo Uploads
  • Load Previous Data
  • Free Text Answers
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Drag & Drop Functionality
  • Pay As You Go Credits
  • Custom Template Library
  • Template Assignment
  • Property Search
  • Custom Branding
  • Automatic Layout Design

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