Getting Started With LetsInspect

Video Support Guides

Learn everything you need to know to create & manage all your mid-term inspections with your LetsInspect account.

Inspection Template Builder

The complete template builder tutorial

In This Video

Learn how to create your own custom inspection templates & manage your template library.

What's Covered

  • Creating templates
  • Adding Questions
  • Free text questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Reorganising the template
  • Editing questions
  • Deleting questions
  • Saving the template

Property Library

The complete property library tutorial

In This Video

Learn about how to completely manage your properties and their mid-term inspections.

What's Covered

  • Adding properties to your library
  • Uploading the property “profile” photo
  • How the property profile picture is used
  • Updating the property profile picture
  • Assigning a default tempalate to a property
  • Property inspection history
  • Viewing reports for the property
  • Exporting PDF reports
  • Delting a property


The complete employee function tutorial

In This Video

Learn about how to add team members to your account and manage existing team members.

What's Covered

  • Creating a team member account
  • Keeping track of team visits
  • Team member inspection history
  • Deleting a team member

Completing An Inspection

The complete inspection tutorial

In This Video

Learn about how complete an inspection using one of your existing templates.

What's Covered

  • Starting an inspection
  • Choosing the property to inspect
  • Adding new questions
  • Multiple choice answers
  • Free text answers
  • Highlighting findings
  • Adding images
  • Deleting images
  • Digital signature or upload
  • Saving the inspection
  • Viewing the report
  • Editing the report
  • Downloading the report PDF
  • Sharing the report
  • Loading previous inspection data

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